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College Rankings

The ranking of institutions of higher learning in the United States is usually done annually. The ranking is done so as to help the students, guardians and parents to compare the academic quality offered in the different institutions.

The 2016 college rankings saw an improvement in various categories used.



The Princeton University emerged as the top in the National Universities category while the Williams College emerged top in the National Liberal Arts nbnbnbgfgfcollege list. The University of Berkeley – California emerged as the top public institution among the National Universities.

The United States Naval Academy entered the top 10 of the National Liberal Colleges Arts list for the first time in history. The number nine spot was taken by two institutions the Davidson College and the Claremont McKenna College.

The John Hopkins University had lost a place in the top 10 in the National Universities category for 16 years. The institution made a comeback to the top 10, having tied with the California Institute of Technology at position ten.

Criteria for the ranking

Different bodies use different ranking parameters to rank the best performing colleges. The United States New ranking system focuses purely on the academic excellence of the institution.

The ranking also emphasizes on the various outcomes and considers graduation and the retention rate. All the top schools had high six-year graduation rates. The retention rates among the freshmen were also high.

Freshman to graduation

The ranking took into account how well the learning institutions supported the students from the first year all the way to their graduation. For students to fit properly in the system, some factors were considered as well.

These factors were the majors, the campus size, the campus location, and the financial aid offerings. The procedure of compiling all these parameters are usually challenging. These rankings provide an excellent opportunity and platform to evaluate the education system in the United States.

The most innovative institutions

bnhgvzfghhThe most innovative schools list that featured institution that had made inventive improvements regarding technology, students, faculty, facilities, curriculum, and campus life.

The purpose of such rankings was to enable the students to broaden or narrow their search to the preferred or the specific needs. The other reason was to act as an eye opener and challenge the institutions to work harder to gain better ratings.